Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Yoga class at Cantik

Tuesday 18:45pm-20:30pm : Yin yoga /Open level

Thursday 18:45pm-20:30pm : Yin Yang Yoga / Intermediate

Monday – Saturday : Private /Open level

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Class description

Yin Yoga...Yin Yoga is known for it’s therapeutic approach to restore the balance. Based on Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, it will help you find ease of movement and be relieved of all tensions and tightness of the body, especially around the lower back, hips, neck and shoulder. It also bring vitality to major organs in the body to help detoxification.
In class, you’ll experience squat, backbends, forward bends and some different poses from other style of yoga. It will help you to release deep layers tissues in the body. Contraction and adhesion of fascia sheets are what caused tightness in the body. By doing Yin Yoga, you will open up this deep layers to provide hydration back to the body and achieve better “Chi” flow. This class for suitable for students who wants to slim-down, relieve aches and pains, improve sleep and relieve stress from the body and mind.
Yin Yoga highly complement students who are practicing dynamic yoga. This class will enable students who want to advance in their asana practice to truly see real results in gaining flexibility in their body. The sequence helps students achieve deep hips opening and improve of performance backbend asana.

Yin Yoga senior teacher Sachiko Kawabata by Yin Yoga in Asia
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Class fee

1, Monthly tuition(4 classes / Month)...9,500 yen
2, Member ticket(11classes・2 month period)...25,000 yen
3, Member ticket(6 classes・2 month period )...18,000 yen
4, Drop-in ...1 class / 3,500 yen
5, Private ...60 mins / 10,000 yen


Phone: 083 235 1720
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Booking is requested by the previous day.
Cancellation of the Booking on the day and the day before will incur a cancellation charge.

Check out our yoga events/workshops/courses in each place here