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  • News of August

    Posted on August 3, 2013 by in Diary

    We will be closed for summer holidays 14-18 Aug. Traffic jam will be expected for a fireworks on Tuesday 13 Aug. Yin yoga class on 13th will be changed on Monday 12th 6:45pm.

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  • Yin Yoga Workshop in Bangkok September 2013

    Posted on July 8, 2013 by in Diary

    THE YOGA PLACE Returns. Yin Yoga Workshop – All About Yin Yoga – Date:18,19 September Time:9:30am – 12:30pm Place:FIT  Charge:500B Instructor : Sachiko Cantik・Aom Moobantalay *Rental yoga mat free Booking & enquiry Contact Us Looking forward to seeing you all!

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  • Kota Kinabalu Experience

    Posted on June 30, 2013 by in Diary

    Finally I’ve finished one-month stay in Gaya island and been back to Japan. Thank you for all who I met at GIR. I spent a precious time with you there. I wish all the best for you and hope to see you again. Sachiko

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  • Bali retreat 2013 April

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  • Retreat in Ubud, Bali 2013

    Posted on February 19, 2013 by in Diary

    Bali_RETREAT_2013 A memory of Bali island. One of my old friend who already died, talked about visitors to Bali. ‘Some people say “Bali is calling me” for the reason why they come to Bali. Actually, Bali is not calling you. Truth is that your spirit needs to come to Bali. To remind you, or recognize something, or heal something. Even these subjects might are from your previous existence. Anyway, your spirit needs to come here, that is the reason why people come to Bali. I helped such many people.’ This story was very interesting to me. Now I know that most of Balinese people are pious Hindu believers. Spiritual thought [...]

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  • Detox Lecture Outline from Casey

    Posted on August 25, 2012 by in Diary

    “When you enjoy taking it out as much as you do putting it in, you’ve mastered the body.” In an increasingly toxic age the need to detox our body and mind has become imperative to well-being and longevity. In yoga we call these cleansing techniques ‘Shat Karma Kriya’. Classically in Hatha Yoga these shat karma kriyas are prerequisites to asana and pranayama. Some topics will include: The Endocrine System- The role of the pineal gland: Decalcification – 1.) Fresh water 2.) Air (pranayama) 3.) Tapas 4.) Nadam (music + vibration) 5.) Chanting 6.) Mudra 7.) Metta 8.) Nature: walking/sitting/standing/lying Detox: types of cleanses 1.) RAW food Macrobiotic foods 2.) Juice [...]

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  • Casey returns to Japan

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  • Traveled around Indonesia

    Posted on August 1, 2012 by in Diary

    I traveled around Indonesia last month, July 2012. Bali was first place to visit. It was holiday! Staying at President suite of Banyan Tree Hotel with a family from Surabaya. This pic is our morning practice. We moved to Surabaya. I taught a class there. Also many clients having private lessons here. Next city was Solo. We had Yin Yang workshop here. I was surprised that many students had attend. Amazing yoga society in Solo, Indonesia! I feel that further yoga movement is coming here. I completely got tan by the time I go back to Japan.

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  • Yoga @ office

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  • ケイシー先生のワークショップ無事に終了しました

    Posted on July 4, 2012 by in Diary

    今回のバンコク、最後はケイシー先生のワークショップで締めさせていただきました。 日本人、西洋人、タイ人、初心者から上級者、ヨガが久しぶりの方から妊娠7ヶ月の生徒さんまで顔ぶれさまざまでした。 初日はベーシックなビンヤサ系のシークエンス。 2日目はそこに呼吸法と瞑想の入り口までご案内。が、光栄な事に私は子守りに追われ。こんなかわいい子なら欲しい!と思った瞬間。   ちょっと、Rさん、突然疲れたと言って涅槃像になってます。面白いので一番前に来てもらいました。 とても充実した2日間でした!素晴らしい!!Thai Hermit Yoga!!!   そしてバンコクで私のヨガコラムが始まりました。ちなみさんの涙の結晶、アーチ創刊号です。 お店もコラムも無事に続けられますように〜〜

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